Friday, April 3, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 Meet: Southern California Supraforums Tradition Cut Short

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For the past a couple of the Fast and Furious theatrical releases, it has been part of the Southern California Supraforums tradition to have an official meet on opening night at the local mall, The Block of Orange. Ever since the very first meet, the Supraforums organizers have rented out the entire theater for its members and other enthusiasts from other car clubs. The meet have grown exponentially after each release over the years and many members have been long waiting for the 4th release of the movie just to attend the meet regardless of how they feel about the movie.

However, to everyone's disappointment, the 4th meet was a total bust thanks to the security guards and idiotic mall management. Despite the high vacancy rate with the recent closures of most of its biggest and oldest tenants - Ron Jon's Surf Shop, Virgin Megastore, Steve and Barry's just to name a few - which left the mall lifeless on the weekend nights, the management brilliantly decided to turn away business by kicking everyone out and prohibit spectators from taking pictures with their cameras.

Worst, the security rode around in his Segway all high and mighty as if he was commanding a Roman chariot, vigilantly trying to catch people taking pictures and assert what little petty authority he has. Despite his attempt to regulate (or overcompensate with his phony badge), the spectators gave the poor idiot the amount of respect no greater than the amount of respect middle school students give to their substitute teachers and ignored his orders and warnings. I managed to snap up a few decent shots behind his back before getting kicked out at the end of the meet.

The meet then ended in a climatic fashion an hour later when the Orange Police Department finally responded to the management's call. What a great way to treat patrons with disposable income when you barely have any.


Anonymous said...

The folks at The Block at Orange seem to have directed their security to torment anyone who possesses a camera on the mall property.

Mall security CANNOT stop you from taking photos in any public place or place open to the public. They can, however, revoke your welcome to the private property and call the cops on you for trespassing if they want. But seriously- they can't stop you from taking a photo.

The next time these pricks tell someone that they can't take picture... just point the camera at them and start clicking the shutter.


Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone who owns a camera to walk around that mall and display it proudly.

Yes... take pictures at The Block at Orange in Orange, CA.

Take photos of the security guards. If they have a problem with it, tell them to call the police. Heck, you can even offer to give them the phone number. Orange Police can be reached at 714 744-7444. said...

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